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The Effects of Spirituality on Health

For years I have been seeking Spirit to help me through life hardship.  I have also been seeking a relationship with Spirit to help me achieve the things I believe that my destiny holds for me.  There was a time when I was an atheist.  But that has drastically changed.   I have experienced both sides of the story.  And I can truthfully tell you that I am much happier now that I have a relationship with God.

It was strange how I came to know my Father in heaven.  It was something I had experienced in brief “bursts” as a child.  I called it the “Christmas feeling”.  A deep sense of peace and wellbeing would come over me during tough moments in my childhood.  I didn’t know how to explain it but it was truly beautiful.  The moment that really changed the course of my life was when I buried my first child.  Losing her catapulted me into a relationship with God because I was so deeply devastated.  Since then I’ve been on a spiritual journey of learning and growing.  It has truly changed me over the years.

One way that it has changed me has been that my relationship with Spirit has made me more positive and hopeful.  There have been so many studies regarding the effects of positive thinking on health and overall wellbeing.  All of them support the fact that positive people are happier and healthier.

First of all, positive thinking is key to effective stress management.  Effective stress management directly impacts your health in a positive way.  It increases your lifespan, lowers depression and distress,  increases your resistance to diseases and decreases the risk of cardiovascular disease.  (mayoclinic.org, “Stress Management”)

Spiritual beliefs take it one step farther.  Having a deep sense of God, or Spirit, helps to give you purpose and meaning in life.  You don’t feel like you’re some random “accident”.  You feel that you are alive because of a loving force who needs you and wants you.  You come to know that you have a destiny to fulfill, a reason for being alive.   It also prevents isolation and depression.  When you are part of a group of like minded people, you have the support of a community.  You are not an island onto yourself.  You realize that there are others who believe the same things that you do.   (everydayhealth.com, “6 Ways Spirituality Can Make You Healthier”)

Spirituality also decreases stress because you feel that you have a destiny, and a powerful support system through a heavenly perspective.  It isn’t just “you against the world”.  It is you, your angels, guides, your Father who loves you and relatives on the other side interceding for you, visiting you and helping you.  You have a huge extended family!  In fact, depending on your spiritual perspective, you may even believe that we are all a part of a huge, loving family comprised of those on earth as well as those in heaven!  With a support system like that, it helps you maintain the perspective that no matter what happens, you will get through it.  It might be really tough at times, but you’re definitely not alone!

Spirituality also makes people more resilient, more faithful in relationships, have happier children and creates a deeper sense of satisfaction with your family life.  (psychologytoday.com, “The Surprising Health Benefits Of Spirituality”).  When we concentrate on love, lending a helping hand, and raising our children with a sense of caring and compassion, we promote wellbeing not only in our families but in the world around us.  We leave a positive mark on those who we interact with.

There are so many reasons that make spirituality a helpful component of health and wellbeing.  If only for the effect it has on us to be more loving, kind and empathetic, it is a fountain of good for ourselves and the world around us.  What a wonderful way to stay positive, motivated and driven to make a change in ourselves, those we love and our surroundings!

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