The Kind of Nurse I am

“What kind of nurse are you?”

I was asked this by the errant wife of a patient I was caring for on a step down cardiac unit last year. The patient had warned me about her personality prior to her arrival to visit him. She was angry the doctor had decided to discharge him with a low grade temperature.

Honestly it was the tone of her voice that took me by astonishment than anything else. I shortly turned tearful as I could not reach the hospitalist in charge of his care. My manager was off and even if she was around I doubt I would get much support from her.

I had resigned, giving my almost three weeks notice a few days before. I was about to start my first nurse practitioner position. I should not have felt so desolate having endured many stressful and blissful moments in the seven years of being a nurse thus far. However the woman’s comments pierced something. It made me feel like a failure despite how many people I have helped before them.

If I ever met them again I know what my answer would be now nearly a year later.  I am a nurse that gives it her all. I am one to wear my heart on my sleeve. I am protective over my patients as if they are family members. I have spent sleepless nights wondering if my patients would survive the night, Would they still be around the next morning when I returned for my next shift?

So yes I may not always have every answer or be on time for everything you need.  However overall I will advocate for you and provide the best care possible in the time I have you under my care.

Many patients appreciate the care myself and other have provided. Unfortunately some forget we are humans too. We may not be superhuman, but as nurses we try our best to be your superheros without a cape.

Sonali Dhir is a new nurse practitioner. She enjoys traveling and spending time with her family and close friends. She has been a nurse for almost eight years and has spent almost a year working in retail clinic as a nurse practitioner.Besides caring for others, she is an avid reader, always looking for new knowledge.

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4 thoughts on “The Kind of Nurse I am

  1. Simi K. Rao

    Nurses are special people. ‘Superheros without a cape’ describes them perfectly. Thank you for doing one of the toughest jobs on the planet.

  2. Sonali Dhir Post author

    thanks Simi, I always appreciate when healthcare professionals support each other. We all have tough jobs and it’s hard to stay sane especially with the business of healthcare

  3. Callie Trautmiller

    You’re the kind of nurse I always hope to have during procedures and aftercare. Nurses are there during monumental moments in life, both good and bad. It takes a special kind of person to show empathy and care to people during their best and worst of times.

  4. Sonali Dhir Post author

    God bless you! I will never forget my roots as a nurse, now I am fortunate to be serving the community in small clinic as a clinician. thanks for your sweet and considerate words

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